Orit Visel – Makeup Artist, has over 20 years of experience in the beauty makeup field both in Israel and abroad. Upon graduation from the prestigious Yarin Shahaf makeup school in 1989, Orit traveled to England to broaden her studies and gain professional experience as a makeup artist for video clips. Since returning to Israel, Orit continues to travel to attend conferences and courses in various European fashion centers. Orit works as a makeup artist in fashion shows, photo shoots, commercials and video clips. She has also worked with business women, members of the Israeli parliament, models, TV stars, singers etc.

In addition, Orit has years of experience in makeup services for weddings and other events, working with many different kinds of people in Israel and abroad. Her special talent, keen eye, artistic sense and good taste ensure the perfect makeup outcome

Orit’s experience and her ability to be diversified enable her to create various types of makeup, upon request, resulting various looks: subtle or bold, artistic or classic. This advantage provides her bridal customers with the look they were going for on the most important day of their lives

As a professional makeup artist, Orit makes sure she is always on top of new developments in the field; she attends courses with the leading makeup artists in the world, and keeps close contact with all of the major makeup companies. Her makeup case is always filled with the latest and best products from the leading manufacturers so that her clients always get a VIP treatment and outstanding results with their makeup

The Bride Gallery in this site displays real brides, not models whose images are always carefully processed. These brides’ makeup was done by Orit on their wedding day. When working with brides and family members for special events such as these, Orit uses especially durable makeup products that can overcome tears, blushing, damp weather and sweat. She also makes sure she uses only hypoallergenic products that do not irritate the skin. In order to provide the best possible service, Orit accepts only one bride a day

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On top of her rich professional experience Orit is considered to be one of the leading writers in the makeup field. Her articles appear in numerous magazines, newspapers and websites. She is also a desired speaker and teacher, providing makeup lessons to private individuals as well as to makeup professionals

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