In her makeup studio in Moshav Arugot Orit Visel offers a wide range of makeup services for special events, private makeup workshops and seminars for makeup and hair professionals. Lessons are carried out in small groups or one-on-one (except for professional seminars) in an intimate atmosphere, away from the bustling city. The studio is accessorized with the best, the latest and the most advanced products in the field. During the day the studio enjoys natural lighting, and clients also enjoy professional lighting, mirrors, professional as well as easy chairs, a rich professional library, and more

Working days and hours are flexible and can fit into the schedule of very busy women, especially and/or mothers. Brides and their escorts that get their makeup done in the studio can get ready before leaving for their photo shoot or for the event itself. The studio can also arrange for a professional hairstylist, when scheduled in advance

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